Wedding Day Hair: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Some women think that picking a hair style for the most important day of your life is just as important as picking the man with whom you will share the rest of your life. It’s a big decision that should be made with great care and consideration. It’s a confusing task for some, who may find themselves feeling overwhelmed with ideas from the numerous bridal magazines that fill the racks at newsstands around the country. Should a bride have her hair up or should she go for a more romantic, free-flowing look? Should she have a veil, or just some hair accessories or flowers. The choices are mind-boggling.

Some may even try to do the work themselves or have a friend to their hair on the big day. If you take one thing from this article, remember only this: Get a hair salon in downtown Austin to do your hair on the wedding day! You do not want to spend what should be the happiest day of your life mad at your maid of honor. A professional hair stylist will consult with you weeks in advance, testing out different hair styles so that you can choose the perfect look on your Big Day. Austin bridal services are plentiful, so just relax and have fun.

When it comes to the right look on your wedding day, your stylist will tell you that the most important thing that influences your appearance is your own sense of style. That, of course, and the kind of products your stylist uses. A salon that uses Keratase products in Austin is the one you want to trust to do your hair. That’s because the stylists there know that these products are made with unique, rich ingredients that can only improve your hair for a long time to come. Hair usually becomes overly sensitive when it’s highlighted. Kerastase products treat that sensitivity and give your hair a lot of shine. They even prolong the color you and your stylist decide on, delaying the need for touch ups.

The key to a perfect wedding style is planning! Coordinate everything from your hair to your makeup with your stylist. Talk to your stylist about the best colors for your skin tone and eye color. Chances are, your stylist will give you makeup lessons in Austin so that you’ll look your best even beyond your wedding day. Other than your friends when you were growing up, how did you learn how to put on makeup and choose the right colors for you? Wouldn’t a professional be the best person to help you with that?

You plan everything about your wedding, from the ceremony’s program to the seating chart at the reception. Shouldn’t you spend some time planning the look you want to be depicted in pictures that you’ll be looking at decades from now? That means choosing a hairstyle that suits not only your face but your gown as well. Stick to these tips and you’ll have a stress-free, happy Wedding Day and some great pictures on which to look back at that day.

About the Author: Kenneth Brown has written extensively about the beauty & fashion industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field

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